Sapich Bros Winery, Henderson, New Zealand

vineyard with rainbow

The Sapich family has been making ports, sherries and wines in the Henderson Valley since the 1940s, when the first vines were established by brothers Tony, Mark and Ivan Sapich.

Today, the vineyard covers 80 acres, under the direction of their sons Steve and Ivan, with assistance from Ivan's sons Darren and Craig.

Producing award-winning wines is also a long-standing family tradition, with a steady stream of bronzes and silvers for their white wines. In 1995, their Chardonnay was awarded a coveted Gold Medal in the Air New Zealand Wine Awards, and their Gewurtztraminer won a Bronze Medal.

Production of the now legendary Purple Death is also a Sapich Brothers tradition, and the components of this extraordinary liquor remain a carefully-guarded family secret.

Sapich products are sold throughout New Zealand, and are exported to a small number of discerning buyers. Sapich wines, ports and sherries, and the legendary Purple Death, may be ordered by email or fax.